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A Range of Denture Care Services and Dentures in Nanaimo

Customer Testimonials

A glimpse into what the community is saying about our services:


“Affordable and awesome service, recommend this place to anyone.”

- Bill C.

 At Estevan Denture Clinic, we believe in providing you with a happier and healthier smile that boosts your confidence and personality.


You can count on us for insightful consultations and a wide range of denture products and treatments such as custom and removable dentures, implant-retained dentures, partial or complete dentures, as well as denture adjustments, relines and repairs depending on individual needs. 


Get in touch with us today to schedule a free consultation for quality denture care services and dentures in Nanaimo.

Types of Dentures

We help you find the right denture option for accurate and long-lasting treatments:

Complete dentures – new

Complete dentures can be used when all the teeth are missing. It is divided into two parts: artificial teeth and a prosthetic base that supports the teeth. Once the damaged teeth are extracted, tissues heal for 8-12 weeks. Then, the dentures are installed, giving you a confident smile.

Partial dentures

You can opt for partial dentures when you still have a few healthy teeth remaining or only some teeth are lost. It is removable and supports the position of natural teeth from shifting randomly. You can get the benefits of a beautiful smile and better chewing without removing the remaining natural healthy teeth.

Implant-retained dentures

For these dentures, a dental implant is used to support the denture. These types of dentures are for people who need added retention because of bone loss.

Standard dentures

These dentures come in a standard size and shape of the average human mouth to arrange false teeth. Standard dentures work with the natural movement of the jaw and are an economical way of getting complete dentures.

Precision dentures

Precision dentures are dentures that are made with high quality and more dense base materials. We aim to make the denture more precise and natural to your jaw movements. Being customized according to you, they also need fewer adjustments as compared to other dentures. 

Denture Maintenance

We understand what a broken denture can do to your daily life - act as a barrier in your day-to-day chores. Take a look at what we offer to keep your dentures functioning as good as new:



Reline is a process of refitting a denture that comes in contact with gums. Often tissue changes due to loss, bone loss, illness or disease, and ageing cause the dentures to get through the relining process.



Rebasing is recommended when denture teeth remain in good condition compared to the denture base material. In this case, the entire acrylic base is replaced. Debasing is often done when the base is weakened or becomes stained or the denture breaks. 


Soft liner

These are used as a soft interface between the hard surface of the denture and the gum. They are often used when as patient has loss too much supporting tissue (jaw bones) and has problems with pain or numbness of the lower jaw.   



Apart from these processes, we cater to all types of denture repair and care services. Whether a broken denture or a loose one, we’ve got you covered.



Our denturist will also provide you with ample information and instructions on the best at-home maintenance practices. Connect with us for any questions or to get reliable denture services in Nanaimo. 



Benefits of Dentures

Missing teeth can weaken the jaw's bone structure, and cause sensitivity, and you may even find it difficult to eat or speak. Dentures are removable teeth prosthetics that can benefit you in several ways, as mentioned below:


Restore your charming smile

Feel embarrassed to smile due to missing teeth? Dentures give you artificial teeth that restore your facial features and provide a natural smile. They even make you look younger and better.



Teeth restoration treatments like dental implants or bridges are expensive compared to dentures. A denture is a pocket-friendly dental treatment.


Easy to clean

Whether it's complete or partial dentures, they can be removed easily, making oral care simple and smooth. You just need to clean the denture with a toothbrush and cleaner to prevent bacteria or plaque.


Better chewing

Chewing becomes difficult when you have missing teeth. The pressure of eating falls on the remaining teeth, weakening the tissues. Dentures divide the eating pressure equally to all the teeth, making chewing more efficient.   


Quick services

We will repair and relines your denture in a timely manner. 


Estevan Denture Clinic offers a wide range of denture services in Nanaimo. Contact us today for our friendly and professional services.



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