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Reliable Denture Repair and Maintenance in Nanaimo

Customer Testimonials

A glimpse into what the community is saying about our services:

Professional and Efficient

“Went to this clinic for a plate replacement. I appreciated the informal and friendly atmosphere. The owner was professional and efficient. Clean space with a great midtown location. I was very happy to have my straight smile back as the old plate was quite worn and broken. They made sure the plate was corrected with a second fitting after I left. Thanks so much for that guys!”

- Info@Coastal Charters

Denture Relines and Repairs, as well as ongoing Denture Maintenance, will be required even with the most high-quality fabricated dentures. Over time your dentures will loosen. Your jaw bone might shrink, the appliance can get worn, and your other natural teeth change and adapt over time. As well, it is normal for your dentures to wear down and become flat with the eventual need for a new set. You can expect your dentures to be relined or rebased every 2 to 3 years. If dentures loosen or your dentures are getting flat, you could need just a simple repair or a whole new set of dentures.

Our in-house denturist Manh Nguyen will guide you through the process. At Estevan Denture Clinic, we will work with you and your budget to determine the right denture repair solution for you! Don’t live in discomfort or pain with ill fitting dentures; give us a call today to schedule your denture reline or repair. We also offer denture polishing services and can help you with general denture maintenance as well.

Why Is Denture Care Important?

Similar to your natural teeth, your dentures require regular care and frequent dental clinic visits. Timely repair and maintenance are crucial to keeping your dentures in good shape. Taking care of your dentures is vital for maintaining optimal oral health. We recommend the following care & cleaning tips:

Cleaning and brushing
Rinsing and soaking
Professional dental care from time to time
Timely relining and rebasing


Neglecting your dentures can lead to many problems, including:

High costs of denture repair
Plaque buildup and tooth decay leading to possible infections
Greater risk of gum disease and infection
Tooth loss
Dental discomfort and dental soreness

How to Keep Your Dentures in Top Shape

To keep your dentures looking and feeling their best, please avoid the following:

Avoid using traditional toothpaste or whitening toothpaste. These products can be abrasive for your dentures.
Avoid rinsing your dentures with hot water, as using hot water can warp and alter the shape of your dentures.
Using abrasive materials and hard-bristled toothbrushes on your dentures can damage them beyond repair. It can also lead to irreversible damage to the denture surface.
When it comes to your dentures, we advise you against going for DIY repairs or adjustments. It could damage them and permanently affect their fit.

Keeping Your Smile Bright & Beautiful

With time, the fit of your denture may change slightly. It is crucial to schedule an appointment as soon as you notice any difference in the fit of your dentures. Estevan Denture Clinic provides thorough denture repair in Nanaimo. We start by checking the state of your dentures along with the condition of your teeth and gums to get your smile back on track.
The three most common denture repairs include:

Denture relines - You may require relines when shrinkage causes bone and tissues to change. Some of the probable causes for this include:

Post immediate dentures
Tooth loss
Bite position

Your existing teeth and acrylic base should be in good condition. If they are stained or worn out, a new acrylic base material is added.

Regular denture relines can reduce severe changes in the supporting tissue.


Denture rebases - The rebase process is similar to relining. But, instead of adding to the existing pink acrylic of the denture, a rebase is replaced with new material. The existing teeth remain in the same place as before. If you have the following points, consider denture rebases.

  •  Immediate denture repairs

  •  Broken denture

  •  Weakened denture base

Sore spots - If you are facing problems with your dentures while you chew food or have sore spots on your gums, you require a soft reline. At Estevan Denture Clinic, we provide perfect-fitting soft relines. Our denturist will diagnose the cause of sore spots on the gums by:

  • Routine dental examination

  • Medical history

  • Taking a sample of tissue from oral lesions (if required)

Trust us for reliable solutions in a comfortable environment.


Repairing your dentures right away can help avoid additional damage and unnecessary costs. If your dentures are broken, chipped, cracked, broken, or feel uncomfortable, you can contact us to book a consultation.

Get in Touch

If you need high-quality and fast denture repairs in Nanaimo, get in touch with our friendly, caring and responsive staff today. We pride ourselves on providing reliable denture repairs, including last-minute emergency denture repairs. Our well equipped denture clinic in Nanaimo offers a comprehensive range of services, including emergency denture repair, partial denture repair, implant denture repair, and more. Contact us for more information.

The Trusted Name in Denture Repair in Nanaimo

Estevan Denture Clinic can provide you with complete denture repair services in Nanaimo.

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