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You Trusted Denture Clinic in Nanaimo

Customer Testimonials

The local community has been talking about us. Take a look:

Caring and Compassionate

“I got an amazing lower denture and after 4 years of not being able to eat a meal, I just finished my first. He is caring and compassionate and works miracles. Now for the uppers.”

- Katherine M.

If you're looking for quality precision denture services in Nanaimo, Estevan Denture Clinic is your place. Our team is led by Manh Nguyen, a qualified and experienced denturist.


A graduate of VCC’s accredited Denturist Program, he has valuable experience of over 10 years in the field of oral health and dentures. Manh strongly believes in evolving through continuous education, and is constantly learning and updating his skills and knowledge in denture procedures.


Manh Nguyen with his expertise, will help you make informed decisions. He is highly recommended by his clients. He also has many hobbies, and in his spare time, he enjoys hiking, kayaking, camping and spending time with his family.



Reasons to Go for Dentures

At our reliable and trusted denture clinic in Nanaimo, we can provide you reliable dentures to help restore the normalcy of your natural smile. Dentures are custom-created to provide for an artificial replacement of your natural teeth. They can be a great alternative to teeth lost due to tooth decay, injury or gum disease. When you neglect the decay in your teeth, it can spread to the remaining teeth. This can cause more significant problems over time, leading to costly dental repairs.

Dentures are a feasible option to replace missing teeth. Filling the gap between missing teeth can also help you considerably enhance the quality of your life by allowing you to eat comfortably and speak clearly. Additionally, dentures can also help you in maintaining the shape of your face. Losing your natural teeth can considerably alter the shape of your face over time. It can make your face appear sunken and hollow. However, dentures can immediately uplift your face and restore its normalcy. Please take a look at our gallery to know more.



Why Choose Estevan Denture Clinic

Estevan Denture Clinic is your trusted denture clinic in Nanaimo. Our denturists start by carrying out a complete examination of the patient’s oral health. They can help in determining what type of denture you shall need for the best results. Here is a list of different types of services that you can avail at our denture clinic in Nanaimo:


Complete Dentures
Partial Dentures
Emergency Dentures
Denture Reline and Repair
Adding Teeth to Existing Dentures


We can perform complete and partial dentures as well as relining and repair in Nanaimo. Have you got questions? Browse through our FAQ section for answers.



Looking for Custom Made Dentures in Nanaimo?

At Estevan Denture Clinic, we can provide complete denture services to replace decaying or broken natural teeth lost to infections or injuries. Our dedicated services combined with our commitment to provide all our patients with a consistently high level of customer service ensures that you can smile with conviction. Contact us to book your dental appointment, and let us take care of the rest!

The Preferred Denture Clinic in Nanaimo

Estevan Denture Clinic is the premier denture clinic of Nanaimo, helping patients across the city with their denture services.

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