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Restore Your Smile with Immediate Dentures in Nanaimo

Customer Testimonials

A glimpse into what the community is saying about our services:

Professional and Efficient

“Went to this clinic for a plate replacement. I appreciated the informal and friendly atmosphere. The owner was professional and efficient. Clean space with a great midtown location. I was very happy to have my straight smile back as the old plate was quite worn and broken. They made sure the plate was corrected with a second fitting after I left. Thanks so much for that guys!”

- Info@Coastal Charters

Estevan Denture Clinic offers comfortable and reliable immediate dentures for patients in Nanaimo. We aim to help patients get durable, properly fitting dentures that looks natural and improve your smile. Once you get your immediate dentures from our clinic, you will be able to speak, eat, and communicate comfortably and confidently. 


If you are not sure whether immediate dentures are right for you, rely on Estevan Denture Clinic to answer all your questions. Come to our clinic in Nanaimo to find the perfect denture solution for your lifestyle. Contact us today to fix an appointment with our team!

The Advantages of Immediate Dentures

There are many benefits of choosing dentures to regain your happy smile. Immediate dentures have certain advantages, including:


Promotes healing : Immediate dentures are almost like a bandage, protecting your tender oral tissues and minimizing bleeding after an extraction.

Facilitates proper speaking: You can get used to immediate dentures and develop proper speaking in the shortest time.

It looks like natural teeth: The replaced teeth can look like your natural teeth or often times , much more improved.  

If you want to know more about our immediate dentures, you can go through our gallery or read our FAQs.

Our Process

The journey to immediate dentures will be approximately 6 months. The process starts the day your teeth are extracted or pulled out. Temporary liners and adjustments are given when the gums are healing.  Immediate dentures reduce the bleeding and swelling as well.


The denture is made before your surgery day and sent to the dental office a day prior.


How to Determine If Immediate Dentures Are Right for You?

If you have lost teeth due to ageing or injury, you would want natural-looking, comfortable replacements. Immediate dentures from Estevan Denture Clinic are a great option. We help you determine if you are eligible for immediate dentures after a thorough dental checkup. Book an appointment to get yourself evaluated.

After-care for Immediate Dentures

Post-surgery and fitting of immediate dentures, you have to be mindful of the following things:

Brief convalescence period at home
Follow-up dental clinic visit post-surgery
If there is swelling, apply cold packs or visit a denture clinic

When you get immediate dentures from Estevan Denture Clinic, they will remain in place for many months. As the tissues start receding, the swelling reduces, and healing begins. Make an appointment with us to insert temporary liners. We provide a permanent reline or new dentures post 12 months.

Smile with Style!

Get immediate dentures and regain your confidence.

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