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Dentures, implant-retained dentures, partial dentures, and more.

Denture solutions designed to meet your oral health needs.

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Quick and Affordable

“A huge thanks for taking care of my mom who's tooth fell out of her dentures, she was thrilled with the quick and affordable service. You made our day.”

- S. Irving

Get Specialized Care from an Expert Denturist in Nanaimo

Dentures are important for your confidence and smile, also they protect oral structures and significantly impact one’s ability to speak, eat and drink.


Dentures are important for more than what meets the eye. They protect oral structures and significantly impact one’s ability to speak, eat and drink. At Estevan Denture Clinic in Nanaimo, our denturist, Manh Nguyen, understands that every patient is unique. Whether you’re young and have accidentally lost your teeth, or seniors getting used to dental prostheses, we aim to improve your quality of life with dentures that are similar to real teeth in form and function. From new dentures to maintaining existing ones, our denturist in Nanaimo can guide you through it all. 


Our team of professionals provides personalized care with careful attention to detail. From installing partial or complete dentures and overdenture implants, to skillfully executed repairs, relines, and rebasing, which ensure that the dentures you own fit right, we take care of all of it.

Benefits of Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are usually a patient's first denture. They are placed immediately after surgery or extraction of teeth. Dentures can be partial or complete and are installed after a partial extraction or a full extraction.  Below, we have listed some benefits of immediate dentures. 

Immediate dentures can considerably improve the appearance of your teeth.


They can improve the function of your teeth, assisting you in speaking and eating comfortably. 


They stop the bleeding of your gums after teeth extraction and prevent infection.


They protect your sensitive gum tissues after extraction and reduce irritation.

Estevan Denture Clinic has a reliable denturist, that can offer you immediate dentures with precision. Your smile is our primary concern, and we strive to give you the desired results. Contact us today for a wide range of dental solutions or to ask any questions that you may have. We will be happy to assist you.


Dependable Denture Repair Service

Are your dentures worn out or cracked? Wearing dentures for years can cause wear and tear, or if the size of your gums changes, the dentures will be unfit. Damaged or ill fitting dentures can affect your oral hygiene, causing infection or discomfort and can also leave your mouth sore.


Estevan Denture Clinic offers trustworthy denture repair services in Nanaimo to give you long-lasting dentures. We reline, re base, and adjust dentures to provide a comfortable and smooth fit. 


Proper denture maintenance and a healthy oral routine can help your denture in the long run. Our experienced denturists in Nanaimo provide gentle yet effective services to restore your beautiful smile. Get in contact with us today!

Why Go for Dentures

Having your natural teeth extracted and getting used to dentures is a major change. Your first dentures are a start of a new way of life and many experiences that will be completely new for you. The first 6 months with dentures may cause a lot of physical changes in the shape of your mouth and jaw.
Most people experience considerable shrinkage in their jawbone. At the Estevan Denture Clinic, we are committed to providing dentures along with complete comfort and normalcy. We take care of your oral health every step of the way.

Our experienced denturists in Nanaimo provide you with optimum comfort. They start by assessing the state of your oral health and assist you with suitable solutions. They begin with temporary liners or tissue conditioners that are placed in the denture at regular intervals. After the healing process is complete, the temporary material is removed, and a permanent reline is performed. Get in touch with our expert denturists in Nanaimo to know more.

Why Choose Us?

While our work is informed by in-depth knowledge, our founder, Manh’s, integrity is evident through his long-standing reputation among his clients. We guarantee friendly, honest service that will leave you happy and satisfied.


Our clinic is conveniently located one block from the local bus stop, right across the Terminal Park Mall. Book your appointment today.

Your Trusted Denturist in Nanaimo

Estevan Denture Clinic is the trusted denturist in Nanaimo for all your denture installation and repair needs.

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